Infinite Prosperity

THE absolute most incredible law of attraction course on the market today!

This course was created for highly motivated people who are seriously ready to take their manifesting powers to the next level. This is not just the same old information that everyone already knows.  I have drawn from the fields of Psychology, Quantum Physics, and NLP to give you research and evidence-based techniques to amplify your journey to infinite prosperity.    


  • FINALLY feel like you’ve gotten it right

  • know that the law of attraction DOES work for you too

  • realize that you DO deserve infinite prosperity

  • understand the Science behind LOA

  • easily be able to manifest your best life in ALL areas

It's ALL possible, with Infinite Prosperity!  I'll show you how!

It's not your fault that LOA hasn't worked like they said it would.  

They only gave you partial information.  That's like a chef giving

you part of a recipe for you to try to figure out the rest of the



I created Infinite Prosperity when I realized that so many great, motivated and hard-working people were struggling with financial security and feeling like life was mundane.  Many people tried LOA before but began to feel inadequate with using LOA principles and ultimately became discouraged. These wonderful people would try to look for answers in self-help books or online or ask for feedback in FB self-development groups, but they weren’t really getting the help they needed. And I’ve studied this problem for 20 years and have found the solution! Here’s how using this service has positively impacted my own life:

I have used LOA my whole life, but I didn't have a name for it until about 12 years ago.  I was helping a friend with manifesting tips, and he asked me if I was reading to him out of a book.  Of course I wasn't!  But when he gave me "that book" I couldn't believe it!  I have tested my LOA manifesting in all sorts of ways:

I decided to manifest $20,000. When I utilized my tools  along with the typical LOA ideas, I received results FAST.  Within 2 weeks of projecting my frequency to attract the money, I received a notice from the IRS that indicated that they owed me $6,000 from A LONG TIME AGO and would be receiving a check in the mail.  The following week I received another letter from them stating that they owed me $6,400!  When I filed my taxes 1 month later, the IRS updated my paperwork and I received $10,000 more than even I anticipated!  It took about 6 weeks from the time I began my $20,000 quest, but I actually received $22,400... because the universe ALWAYS gives more!

My partner decided to test my manifesting powers. Lol... he earned his private pilot license and asked me to manifest an airplane for him.  What a HUGE request.  So, I went to work by printing a picture of an airplane he was interested in and I placed it on my desk where we would both see it daily.  Then I incorporated my special techniques along with LOA principles, and GUESS WHAT?  An opportunity presented itself for him to become part owner of THREE airplanes!!  Yes, I said THREE airplanes!  

My vast education and training have provided me with the knowledge and skills necessary to create such an incredible way to practice LOA efficiently and effectively:


I hold a PhD in Psychology

I am certified in LOA Life Coaching

I am a certified EFT Practitioner

I am a certified NLP Practitioner

I am a certified Hypnotherapist


Here's how it works:

I will provide you with written and audio recordings of each module to guide you through the course

I will give you the real Science behind the LOA Principles

I will provide you with a workbook full of exercises to assist in defining happiness, letting go of past hurts, and much more

I will walk you through an NLP technique that will elicit a positive frame of mind anytime, anywhere

I will walk you through an NLP technique to address and free you from negative beliefs that interfere with manifesting


I will provide guided meditation tracks to amplify manifesting


I will provide the step-by-step process for manifesting infinite prosperity.  The process dictates the outcome.  Follow the process, and infinite prosperity will be your outcome!

I will also provide a POWERFUL EFT guide for anxiety as a special bonus gift!


You will experience a level of inner peace like never before

You will learn to elicit AND sustain a positive mindset for manifesting

You will master my unique process for applying LOA principles

Manifesting your most incredible life will become second nature to you

You will identify and free yourself from negative inner programming beliefs



Got questions?  Here are a few things that my clients and students ask, along with my responses!  If you've got more questions, please don't hesitate to email my team at


Number 1     If I have questions or need help during the course, is there someone I can                         contact?

                         Yes!  That would be me... Dr. Debbie Parker at                                      

                 I would absolutely LOVE to hear from                            you regarding any struggles and successes!


Number 2      How is your course different from other LOA courses?

                         Great question!  That's an easy one.  My course is NOT a rehash of the                                same old information.  Yes, I do provide basics, but I also provide the                                  research and evidence-based tools to effectively undergo                

                         transformations necessary to become energetically free to receive AND

                         accept your desires!  This is not just "ask, believe, and receive."  It's truly

                         a unique approach to applying LOA for infinite prosperity.


Number 3      What is the Science behind LOA you mentioned?


                          This answer is a short essay:  The law of attraction comes down to an                                 intricate process of utilizing your consciousness to impact your

                          external environment.  This is pure quantum physics!  How do I know?  

                          One of the most amazing things I've learned in my studies at Harvard is                             that the 20 amino acids that are found in the human system are also                                 found throughout the universe!  Amino acids can function as chemical                             messengers in communication between cells... where am I going with                               this? 

                          Amino acids are made of atoms.  Atoms are made of protons, neutrons,                             and electrons...


                          Because the electron field is everywhere and connects all electrons,                                 atoms are connected as well.  This means that we are all connected...                              we are not separate from the universe, AND we communicate with the                              atoms throughout the universe.  How?  


                         Our frequency and vibration that we emit 24/7... our frequency interacts                          with other atoms and attracts back to us what we give out.  Knowing the                          science behind the idea of the law of attraction is an important part of                              conscious manifesting...

Today is the day to begin your transformation, isn't it?

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