Becoming Energetically Free

By Dr. Debbie Parker

November 13, 2019


You have to be energetically free to manifest your desires. What does that even mean?... energetically free. By now I believe that everyone knows the basics of the Law of Attraction. It is absolutely necessary to direct those feel good vibes out into the universe. The issue I’ve seen over the years is that many people specifically set aside time to get into that positive state of mind, but they spend the vast majority of the rest of their day in a lower frequency state… in neutral at best.

According to quantum physics, everything is vibration. All is energy. Energy is vibration. Therefore everything emits a certain vibrational frequency all the time. You can’t get away from it. Every feeling that you have resonates with a particular vibrational frequency. These vibrations exist on a scale, high to low. Your frequency is always releasing from your body out into creation. Just because common language says that you have to be mindful of what you’re “sending” out into the universe, that doesn’t mean that when you’re not thinking of intentionally sending energy out that you’re not. You are… always.

Emotionally Aware

It is so important to be emotionally aware of what’s going on inside of you. If you spend your days lost in worrisome thought, you’re emitting the frequency of worry. You’ll attract back worrisome circumstances. That makes sense, right? If you spend your time in worry and concern, you’re energetically restricted. You’re closed off to receiving and accepting anything other than worry and concern. What will happen is that you will energetically reject the very thing that you want to manifest. You may see signs of your desire all around you, but the very thing you desire will remain out of reach… because your frequency of worry is interfering. You have to be energetically free to receive and accept your desire.

Vibrations are always matched. Thus, by holding a high frequency vibration, you are placing yourself at the same frequency as high vibration experiences. This invites and attracts similar high vibration experiences to come into your awareness.

Consequently, if you consistently hold a lower vibrational emotion such as anger, worry, or frustration, you will attract more of the situations that result in anger, worry, and frustration into your life.

Inner Programming

How do you intentionally become energetically free? Over the years I have found that most blocks to manifesting are related to negative childhood experiences and likely a need to forgive and let go. In my decades of experience in the mental health field, I have discovered that the most common core message people develop is “I’m not good enough.” The inner voice runs that program 24/7. Many people have it running, and they don’t even realize it because it has been there for so long they tune it out… but it’s still there… running like a broken record while your subconscious mind guides you to act on the program. The good news is that this type of harmful, negative inner programming can be transformed into positive programming by creating new neural pathways… sounds so complicated, doesn’t it? It’s not. It takes 30-45 to create new neural pathways through daily consistent training. The concept is simple. To put it in a basic way, it’s practice for your mind. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s way of transforming. You can develop new, positive behaviors and habits, which results in losing those pathways that are no longer used.. the old habit is not supported anymore.


Now, what about this forgiveness thing? It can be challenging for people to let go of the past… to let go of being wronged. Safety is the subconscious mind’s priority, and being wrong is not safe. Letting go can be difficult because it means letting go of aspects of your past… aspects of you. It also means letting go of your expectations of how things should have been. Letting go and forgiving passively suggests being wrong or losing and allowing someone else to be right or to win… when you KNOW that what they did was wrong.


So, now you have a choice to make:

· Hold onto the negative emotions from the experiences in your life and let them continue to hold you back, or;

· Let go and forgive the wrong so that you are energetically free to receive and accept infinite prosperity.

I have developed my own unique approach to manifesting based on my education and training in Psychology. I’ve put together a package of research and evidence-based techniques that really get to the core of the energetic frequencies so that you can choose your vibration and direct it into the universe.


One simple NLP technique that you can begin using today is tag questions. It helps get you into a YES mindset. It is simply adding a question to the end of a statement. Here’s an example: It would feel incredible to make $____ per month and still have time for family and friends, wouldn’t it? This kind of question challenges you to really think about how it would feel to make a specific amount of money each month, doesn’t it? The only challenge is that you must answer with a YES! Avoid allowing yourself to answer with a Yes, but… you cannot follow the yes with a negative statement or you defeat the purpose of the question.

You can also use questions to improve other areas of your life. Here are some examples of questions you could think about.

· What do I need to do to get better at [specific area]?

· What is (name the person) doing so that they achieve things and how can I replicate it?

· How can I achieve more with less effort?

· What am I going to do to enjoy my day today?

· How good do I want to be at this, how can I get there in the quickest and most fun way?

We all know that if you ask a question, you MUST receive an answer. You don’t need to consciously try to think of the answers. Your subconscious mind will do that for you! And once you start asking yourself the questions, the universe will match the frequency and send things your way. Become energetically free to manifest infinite prosperity!


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